Friday Highlights 62

WitchesofEastAfter much urging from a friend of mine, I’ve been catching up on Witches of East End. Now, since it was on Lifetime I figured it wouldn’t be as hardcore a show as I’d like, but it does have some interesting premises, so I didn’t need to throw too many bad apples at my friend for the suggestion ^_^. I’ll also say this, for fans of supernatural chick lit, you’d definitely enjoy this :). Now for some . . .



barbadosflag11) This week has been a tough one, as I got behind on The Wardens and had to make a mad dash to finish Episode 5: Cemetery Party. However, it was finished and will be available on Amazon Saturday November 30, 2013 (tomorrow)!

2) Barbados’ Independence day is tomorrow as well! God Bless Bim (as Bajans say). We’re celebrating 47 years and I’m celebrating being finished the first season of The Wardens by attending a huge EDM (Electronic Dance Music) event here on the island — The Music Factory (TMF). Can already hear the thumping of music in my head ^_^.

breadfree3) Finally, I ate bread a couple times this week. Why’s that a problem? Well, I’ve been trying to stay away from it, but my mother baked some amazing loaves and . . . the rest is history lol. On the workout however, that continues with full speed ahead and more inches have been lost! WOOT!


That’s all for this week everyone, please have a fantastic weekend and look out for Cemetery Party tomorrow!





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