Random Wednesdays: Skins (Excerpt)

The deranged smile is also acceptable in quiet corners ^_^.
The deranged smile is also acceptable in quiet corners ^_^.

Hey lovely readers, it’s the midweek and I hope you’re all getting through it with big, sparkly smiles ^_^. Today I want to share an excerpt from Skins (The Wardens: Episode 1), a scene where ‘our heroes’ (find that so amusing) stumble upon a blood-thirsty soucouyant. Enjoy :):



~ “Erin, third window on the left, go now!” The urgency in Zach’s voice got her moving and Erin ducked down again, making a dash for the other side of the house that Zach had indicated she should check out. Her heart beat faster and she could feel beads of sweat gathering at her temples. supernatural1This always happened when there was about to be a sighting. “Erin, hurry,” Zach urged, as if she wasn’t already. She raised herself up slightly when she reached the window and did so until she could see into the room. At first she saw nothing but furniture and scattered toys.

“Have I missed it?” She asked Zach anxiously, not wanting his answer to be ‘yes’ and face another meeting where their handler Damian, who would emphasize how disappointed he was in them. Zach’s answer came in a hushed tone,

supernatural2“Look up.” Erin did as she was told and moving her gaze to the ceiling, saw exactly why they’d been sent to the backwoods of Kentucky. An old woman, naked and emaciated, clutched to the wooden ceiling. She was sniffing the air, moving slowly towards the stairs that would lead her to the sleeping occupants. Erin’s heart thudded in her chest –- a soucouyant. ~


Enjoy the rest of the week all and I’ll see you Friday :).






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