Monday Insights: Plagued By Spam?

spambotRecently I’ve been getting attacks of spam on this site that are pretty hardcore. With sometimes up to double digit spambots in my line of delete fire, you can imagine how frustrating it can get. Then I thought of something, spam is very much like all the unwanted things in our lives.

Think about it, often we’re faced with people and situations that do nothing to uplift us. Be honest now, isn’t there that one neighbour you’d press the delete button on if you could? Or, a boss who just won’t quit? Any thing or person that comes to us with no real purpose but to annoy, is spam. I know, when I thought of it my mind was blown too ^_^.

I have a friend who says ‘less time’ and what he means by that is that there’s less time for the bullshit things that make us sad, less time for anything that decreases our functionality and less time for people that only add negative points to the scale.

delete1So let’s delete the spam and if it’s too difficult to do all at once, throw the links into the spam folder until we decide on a new plan of action. The same way it’s unwanted on our computer screens, it should be unwanted in our lives.

Thanks for joining me and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights 🙂.