Friday Highlights 61

welcome1I’m fighting against the clock here tonight so this edition is going to be a little quicker than most. First of all let me welcome all my new followers! I’m very appreciative of your support and continue to be thankful for those who’ve been along for the ride for some time as well :). As a really unnecessary side note: crazy1Since I’ve been pretty busy recently, I haven’t had much time to catch up on most of the shows I enjoy, they’ve been replaced by sitcoms one of which is The Crazy Ones — don’t you guys love it? I feel like it’s one of Sarah Michelle Geller’s better roles and Robin Williams is classic as always :). Okay, okay, I’ll get to the point . . .



Seriously this guy was too funny not to share lol. He also has a point ^_^.

1) Taken (The Wardens: Episode 4) will be released November 24, 2013 (this Sunday) on Amazon! Almost coming to the end of this first season of short story, contemporary fantasy books and I’m just about as excited to see what happens next as you are. You have to be . . . you’re buying them right? *Gives readers the cold stare* I’m just playing (or not) ^_^.

2) More filming to happen soon finally! Oh my goodness! I’ve been saying this for months and finally it will soon be back on track. Can’t wait to share some of the vlogs in the works. Think books, writing, fun, readers and mush them all together for a whole lot of goodness :).

nanowrimo13) Finally, even though I haven’t been tooting the NaNoWriMo horn too loudly this year, it looks like I’ll meet the goal and hopefully surpass it. I always say that as long as the words are there, writing flows and an entire novel can happen in a few weeks. It’s why this is such a great ‘competition’. It pushes hard, which is fantastic for productivity.

That’s all for now, check out The Crazy Ones if you haven’t yet and wishing you all fabulous weekends. See you Monday :)!




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