Random Wednesdays: Howl (Excerpt)

spitinfaceHey lovely readers, hopefully the week’s been treating you well so far and if not, spit in the face of crazy and enjoy the rest of it ^_^. On that unhygienic note, here’s a snippet from Howl (The Wardens: Episode 2) which was released on Sunday. Enjoy :).



lycan2~ He shifted, his bones breaking and repositioning until before them stood a wolf-like creature, with tough grey-coloured skin, which was covered with a thin layer of brown hair that was thicker only on his head and face. His clothes lay tattered on the floor, unable to stand up against the change. His face still had very human characteristics, like his straight nose and bushy eyebrows, but his cheek bones had shifted so that it was now more elongated and matched some elements of a wolf’s visage as well. Large canines protruded over thin, pulled back lips and his hands and feet had become terrifying claws, which he brandished at the wardens, obviously displeased with Erin’s attack.

lycan3He sprang at Erin, and Zach fired his gun. He’d replaced his regular customised bullets with those specifically made for hunting beings of this kind. They were solid silver, coated with wolfsbane and exploded upon contact. They wouldn’t kill a lycan that easily, but they would definitely slow one down.

Lycan4Kaleb moved even faster in his lycan form and Erin thrust both hands out, whispering a spell that would create a kind of force field in front of her. The lycan seemed to anticipate this and changed the trajectory of his jump in mid-air, catching one of Zach’s bullets in his side because of this, but ending up behind Erin as he’d intended. He reached out to claw her, but she turned, blasting him away as she did, the sheer force of the magic pulsing through her doing most of the work. ~


Be careful how you sleep guys ^_^. See you Friday!





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