Random Wednesdays: Elfin Blood (Excerpt 2)

In the midst of vicious WordPress spam attacks, I wanted to share another short excerpt from Elfin Blood: Fallen, a WIP I’ve been playing around with when I can, mainly on Wattpad. The truth is I’d ‘finished’ this story some time ago, but wanted to rewrite it in a way I preferred. Here’s another offering from the new path :):


(Cover created from Google Images.)
(Cover created from Google Images.)

~ Vena didn’t say a word, looking down at Selene with a strange kind of smile. It was as if the thoughts she bore were unlike anything anyone else could imagine; as though she held some great secret.

“By the gods, what am I doing?” Remembering her own position of freedom, Selene jumped into action, making another leap and landing on the platform where Vena was chained. She soon saw that the bonds were joined at her back and, seeing no lock attached, almost danced with joy as she started to fiddle with them.

No princess!” came the warning shout before the soldiers’ next move. They were no longer concerned that they were laying hands on their princess, their determination to keep the woman in bondage more important that their subservience to her. Selene though, was too quick for them and easily evaded every advance.

warden7 She kicked one hard in the stomach as he charged, ignoring his shout of pain as he fell. Another, who had also made his way up to the platform where she stood, tried a more direct approach, grabbing and pulling her hands in a tight hold at her back. Selene bent her body, feeling his weight move with her as she did, then she pushed her back forcibly up, causing her oppressor to come crashing to the ground over her head.

Convinced that she had some time before the next attack, Selene continued to unravel the chains from the pole that held her . . .


That’s all for now, but you can check out more of this WIP here: ‘Elfin Blood:Fallen on Wattpad.’





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