Monday Insights: Be Who You Are

cheerful2My mum likes to say something along the lines of ‘don’t let the negative actions of others change how you approach life’. This is one of those things that we constantly have to try and remember, as it can sometimes be the difference between maintaining a cheerful, positive outlook, or adopting a bitter one.

cracking1Sometimes the ceramic layer cracks and we want to hold onto a grudge. We want those who hurt or slighted us to feel just as horrible as we did at the time, but in the end, what does that prove? Usually we end up feeling as Barbadians like to say ‘offset’ — a bit of slang which basically means ‘not like ourselves’. We end up feeling guilty and wonder why we allowed ourselves to get roped into behaving badly.

cheerful1I try in these instances, to rise above. I am who I am and my personality urges me to be good to others, to help where I can and so on. Of course, as I’ve said in earlier posts, there are times when we must let go and shed certain individuals from our lives all together, but in this case, I’m referring to us changing a positive attitude to a negative one, because of another flawed human being. Yes, sounds silly to me when I say it out loud too ^_^. That’s why, we must be who we are :).



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