Friday Highlights 58

MISFITSHi lovely readers! I hope you all had a great Halloween :). In keeping with that theme (kind of), apparently I was one of the last to know that Misfits was back. Not only back, but the fourth season has already been signed, sealed and delivered. I haven’t been able to watch many shows recently and this one did have me doubting my will to be a fan around the second third season, but I’ve decided to give it another try and see what’s up with those teenage British ‘superheroes’. In more important news . . .


On Wednesday I said to tune into this post to find out how you could be the winner of copies of Secrets of the Tenari & The Wardens. Well it’s really easy simply:

likebutton1Like my ‘Facebook,’ page, follow me on ‘Twitter,’ or right here on this blog and comment #TheWardens to be automatically entered! Or, you can have your followbutton1name entered twice in the competition, if you comment on this post or this week’s Random Wednesdays!  Additionally, one really lucky reader is going to get all five episodes of The Wardens absolutely FREE! So get clicking and win :)!


Now for some:


To see the back of the cover as well, check out this week's Random Wednesdays :).
To see the back of the cover, check out this week’s Random Wednesdays :).

1) I did the cover reveal for The Wardens (Episode 1) Skins on Wednesday and it’s been getting great reviews especially via Facebook, so that’s amazing! The book will be released on Sunday, November 3, 2013 (this Sunday) and the other four episodes will be released during the month of November as well. The Wardens is an ongoing short story urban fantasy series, so expect to see the same fabulous main characters (Zach & Erin) and an eclectic supporting cast that don’t all have their best interests at heart ^_^.

2) There were delays with the release of the series’ trailer, but it will be out before the first book is on virtual shelves :).

3) Working on finishing up some writing and editing for the series and after I’ll be working on a couple other projects that I’d like to have completed before the year is over. Want to head into 2014 with a ‘clean slate’ :).

nanowrimo14) Finally, NaNoWriMo is upon us once again and I’m taking part, although, because I’m working on multiple things currently, it’s going to be interesting how the word count fluctuates throughout the month ^_^. All the best to everyone else who’s taking part, or those who know and are supporting someone involved!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, remember to click and win and, I’ll see you Monday :D!



N.B: Those of you who’ve been with me for six months or longer, please note that the original Friday format has changed from featuring a blogger each Friday, to once a month. You can also read about some of the crazy things that have happened in my life using the keywords Jackie Reveals. Additionally, check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’.







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