Monday Insights: You Are Not For Rent

usedupWe’ve all been in (or are in) situations where we feel used. Sometimes it’s all in our heads and when we take a few steps back and really look at the situation, we realise that it’s not the other person’s intention to make us feel this way. Other times, the individual or individuals in question, have no clue that they’re doing this and are mortified if confronted. However, there are others who literally use us as they like and toss us aside for the simple reason that they know they can.

There's nothing wrong with lending an ear . . .
There’s nothing wrong with lending an ear . . .

There is nothing wrong with lending your ear, shoulder, money, self, home and the list goes on, to people. I believe we should help where we can, especially those we profess to care about. When this help starts to wear us down and tears away at our own mental, emotional and/or physical health, that’s when we need to take a few jumps back and consider our options. It is even worse when it becomes obvious that those we’re helping, have no intention of slowing down. They take and take, ‘renting us out’ so to speak, until finally, they’re no rooms left in the inn. We are crumpled, exhausted beings of our former selves, so much so that when we look in the mirror, at times we’re not sure who the person staring back at us is.

sayno1It’s hard to say ‘no’ at times, I know, I’m a recovering ‘yes’ addict. I have however, learnt that if I want to maintain my own sanity, if I want to be happy and progress, I have to do it at times. I have to let people know, even those I love, that I’m closed for accommodation. We are not for rent.



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  1. I have been burnt many times by uttering that harmless but potentially dangerous 3 letter word instead of taking a step back, analysing my reality and then saying no. Thanks for this great reminder on Monday, a day when we need to think about where we intend to go during the remainder of the week.

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