Random Wednesdays: Lucas Continued

Found on www.artnau.com
Found on http://www.artnau.com

A while ago I shared an excerpt from a WIP and labelled it ‘Lucas Survives’. It’s one of those that’s in the wings, but I don’t want to focus on more unless I’ve finished and made progress with some others. In the spirit of Halloween and ignoring the fact that no one gets ripped apart or too scared in this excerpt ^_^, I’m still going to share, as the story itself I’m hoping will turn out to be a real ‘doozy’ for dark fantasy/horror fans. Enjoy this short excerpt :):

~Lucas took in the sounds familiar to him as he walked. The leather boots that he had made himself disturbing the earth, the slight swish of his shotgun against his back as he moved and most importantly, he tuned his ears in to everything Lucas1that moved around him. He’d had an encounter with one of them on his last journey back across the quarter. One that had come out of nowhere and though the creature had the same eyes as those that had gone before him, Lucas saw a different light in them. It was as if the infected being knew something that he didn’t. The fight had been more difficult than any he’d had for quite some time and this worried him. Something wasn’t quite right he knew, but what it was, was a mystery to him. The sun peaked higher in the sky as he walked and Lucas knew it was getting later; he hurried his steps. ~

Nope, no more for now lol. Wishing you all an enjoyable night and, I’ll see you Friday :).

SotT Front CoverN.B: My YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 in the Tenari Trilogy) can be found ‘on Amazon,’ and, read excerpts from the book ‘here’ & ‘here.’ If you want to peruse WIP excerpts/flash fiction, search using the keywords Random Wednesdays :).

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