Friday Highlights 56

The main cast of Some Girls.
The main cast of Some Girls.

I haven’t been able to devote time to most of the television shows I usually do of late, but there’s one that I stumbled across that’s become both a guilty pleasure and a stalling tactic when I take breaks. It’s Some Girls, is British and I’m fairly certain that it’s meant to be a kind of female spin-off of The Inbetweeners. What I like about it and many British shows of all genres, is how candid and random the storyline is. I’m a huge fan of Brit TV, but haven’t gotten into any of the shows for a while, so it was nice to come across such an absolutely silly one — perfect for goofing off. There was however, a limited amount of that this week, as you’ll see in the . . .



filming11) The entire weekend was devoted to filming my new trailer for an upcoming short story series. Yes friends, that’s the big secret, some paranormal/urban fantasy for your reading pleasure, just in time for Halloween :). On the trailer: The cast and crew I worked with were absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait to reveal the results of all the hard work to you all!

keepcalm2) As I said on Tuesday, my modem and I had a falling out and I had to get a new one, which worked because it allowed me to keep away from the ‘interwebs’ and get cracking on writing. Lots was accomplished, but it’s still not enough and as the deadline looms, I’m trying not to panic. It’s working . . . some of the time.

Not so much to tell today, but it’s because I have to rush off and get back to work. Bottom line? I’m still working my butt and probably some other body parts into the ground. As I like to say though, in the end it will be completely worth it :). Lovely readers, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).









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