Friday Highlights 55

supernatura1So Supernatural is back and this time I was even less excited than I was for the last few seasons. I’ve tried to hold onto my diehard fan status but that’s obviously waning, as recently I couldn’t even get through the entire first episode of season 9. Honestly I feel like around season 6 it started to lose the spark that drew me to it before, but I’ve kept watching hoping it would get better. I’m still there and hopeful that the exploits of Sam and Dean (especially Dean), will keep me tuned in throughout the season, as I’ve watched them from the time of ‘random shenanigans’ to becoming hardcore hunters. Anyway lovelies, to the meat of the matter ^_^:



1) Filming all weekend! This is also the reason today’s post is much earlier than usual, as there are so many details that need to get sorted before tomorrow. So glad to have finally reached this point with my new project. It took some wrangling to get the elements we wanted for the trailer together, but thankfully most things worked out.

2) Still working to ensure I don’t get buried under the mountain of work I have to get through. Sometimes I just want to put it all aside and chill, but I know the rewards if I keep pushing will be worth the effort.

walking13) I’ve started a new workout routine after recovering more of less from my shoulder/arm injury. I still can’t do strenuous exercises with that area, but overall I’ve been able to get back into it,       which is great :).

That’s all for now, wishing you all a fantastic weekend and be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others :).






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