Monday Insights: Best Interest At Heart

shakinghandsOur interactions with people are many and varied. At times situations cause us to raise eyebrows, as we wonder what the true intentions of other individuals are. It is extremely important to sift through the sludge and get to the root of the matter. We need to know those who have our best interests at heart and those who are merely using us for their own personal gain or, to ensure that we are even more miserable in the longrun.

Recently I asked a favour of a business colleague who more or less put me off because they were extremely busy. Five minutes was too much to help me progress as I wanted to. Now, some of you may already think that I’m about to launch into a rant, but bear with me, here’s the reason I shared the story. A few weeks before that, I put aside my own busy schedule to help this individual so they could progress, as a sign of good faith in our business relationship.

genuine1Please do not misunderstand, I’m not saying that everything we do must be done with the intention of getting something in return, this was simply an example. What I am saying, is that we have to learn to be discerning enough to know those that we should spend our time on and by extension, won’t keep us back from our goals.




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