Monday Insights: Keep Going

The molehill isn't the one that needs to be conquered.
The molehill isn’t the one that needs to be conquered.

The saying ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’ is so true for many of the challenges we face daily. In some instances we literally stop what we’re doing all together because we got a paper cut or our iPods stopped working.

Those examples might seem pretty silly, but I’m highlighting my point further. You see, often we allow very little things, to be the reason we don’t progress. Sure we can make these excuses sound good, but often they aren’t really as bad as we imply.

I won’t let it get this bad ^_^.

This morning I woke with traces of eyestrain and the procrastinator in me (who I fight daily by the way), wanted to sleep in, her reasons: ‘Maybe when you wake up again the strain will be gone’. I started thinking of how bad eyestrain can get and how much I didn’t want it to become worse. After a few minutes of psyching myself out, I got up and started writing this post. The reason I did that was because I know that I’m able enough to do this. My eyes aren’t in much pain and, because I believe in taking care of yourself, I won’t overdo it if the pain increases. I could have stayed in bed for a few hours more, not gotten up to write this post and definitely not have been able to post it in just under three hours (it’s just after 6 am where I am now).

progress2The point? Don’t let little things keep you from pressing forward. Learn your limits and where possible push past those. We are these amazing creatures walking around with boundless potential. Laugh in the face of the paper cuts. Keep moving.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Keep Going

  1. I find today’s post somewhat offensive. That’s because some day’s I got a paper cut, actually several of them, into small pieces. I then use these pieces to make notes on, one of which tells me to have a nap when my eyes get sore.

    By listening to this paper cut (note), it helps me feel more organized, and by taking a nap NOW I can honestly say I’m no longer procrastinating.

    I call this progress . . . I hope you’re taking notes! 🙂

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