Random Wednesdays: The Shell (Flash Fiction)

batesmotelHello my lovelies! It’s the midweek and I hope the days are being good to you so far. Recently I was reminded that Bates Motel had aired and decided to check it out as I’d thought the Alfred Hitchcock movie – of which the series is a contemporary prequel –  Psycho (based on the book by Robert Bloch of the same name) was sufficiently creepy enough to warrant a few more peeks over the years. I’ve only seen a couple episodes and I’m not yet sure if it’ll be placed in my favourites drawer along with the delectable Hannibal and a few others that are usually among my weekly watches when I make the time. However, I think the cast chosen are quite perfect and do look forward to seeing how the plot thickens. In the spirit of the deliciously eerie, I’m going to share a quick piece of flash with you this time round. Enjoy, The Shell ^_^.


classicmovie~ He was everything. Real, imagined; loved. He was heart, he was soul and when he died, she went with him. No longer the vibrant, graceful creature he’d adored. No more laughter, no more play behind happily closed doors. A shell, chitinous to those who tried to touch. A shell, and nothing more. ~



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