Monday Insights: Trust Your Path

'Secret Path' by Patrick Howe.
‘Secret Path’ by Patrick Howe.

We’re each set upon a path which is barely visible because it hasn’t been used. As we journey on, taking those first confident, or tottering, steps, we start to see the way open up. Brush is pushed aside and it becomes much easier to see our way. Yes, sometimes we encounter more beaten tracks and forks in the road, but it’s our individual paths we have to trust in.

Sometimes looking around at others or maybe after being inspired by a mentor, we decide ‘hey I can do that’ and, while nothing’s wrong with a little positive inspiration, we always have to remember that our paths will never be identical to another person’s. We shouldn’t want them to be. Why would we want them to be? In fact, lots of times if we take a closer look, we realise that what the other guy’s doing isn’t even exactly what we might want to.

path2It took me a while to find my path again after taking lots of wrong turns. At times I still feel like I can’t see past the shrubbery on my own and wonder if I’m on the right one, but that’s just old paradigms popping up to throw me off track. We’re all beautifully unique and the paths we are set upon are no different. Deep down we know when its right and even though it might not seem as easy a walk (or run depending) as someone else’s, it’s all ours and will see us safely to our destinations. Now, how great is that :)?


Trust in your paths lovely readers and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

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