Random Wednesdays: Fen’s Safari

As my arm’s been healing I’ve been doing research, some of which included re-watching a few sci fi favourites like Alien and Predator. I have to say that even though the ‘birth’ process in the former looks like Jim Henson on crack, I still think the aliens are among the coolest (appearance wise) out there. I don’t want to type too much, so will share a short I’d written for the Iron Writer Challenge a long while back and had never posted here. Note that the conditions were no more than 500 words and I had to use the words ‘giraffe’, ‘kumquat’, ‘elevator’ and ‘microwave’ in the piece. Enjoy Fen’s Safari :):


cave1    ~ Fen wrinkled her nose in disgust. Her brother Darco had lied, giraffe meat was not tasty and coated her tongue with a bitter aftertaste each time she swallowed. This wasn’t the time to complain though, they’d had nothing but dried kumquats and nuts for days and the promise of meat, any kind of meat, had been welcomed by the people.

     She looked around at the contented faces, wondering how they could continue to pretend that this cave, the only light a burning fire and nothing to sleep on but assorted leaves and twigs, could somehow be a new home. Fen, her brother and the Arubi tribe, had been on the run for months trying to evade the men, who weren’t really men, that had come from the sky. They’d come with no warning or mercy, their aim to destroy everything.

     When it had started, Fen had been in Africa with her family on safari. The clouds had been the first to change, slowly discarding their pristine white, for a darker, more ominous appearance. Their tour guide had assured them it was merely bad weather coming, but he’d been wrong. Just an hour later, the sky had seemed to open up and from it, came these metal contraptions that none of them had ever seen.

   spaceships  Fen remembered her first foolish thought — silver, oversized microwaves, falling towards the ground at incredible speed. This thought had lasted mere half seconds and had given way to the screaming, blood and death that was all around her as they were hunted.

     “The chief wants to see you.” Darco broke her reverie. She looked up at him, his dark eyes clouded with sadness, as they had been since losing their parents. Despite this, she liked looking at him; he’d always been the splitting image of their father. She nodded, standing and making her way further into the cave to Chief Yudan.

     Fen bowed respectfully as she approached, a gesture that in the early days she’d learnt was always expected. The chief, bedecked in bone jewellery that hung from his neck and wrists, motioned for her to sit. His painted face told many stories and she stared, intrigued as always.

     He pointed at a wooden bowl of more giraffe meat and Fen tried her best not to grimace. The tribe had taken her and Darco in when they didn’t have to and had showed them great kindness since then. She had no intention of offending the Arubi’s leader over culinary dislikes. She made an action with her hands against her stomach, explaining without words, that she was already full. The chief nodded approvingly.

     elevatorHe pointed upwards now, then pulled his bone dagger from its animal hide sheath at his side. Fen jumped momentarily, but was calmed as he jabbed the air viciously with the weapon. Fen understood what he meant, but didn’t see how he was going to do it, unless of course there was an elevator to the sky.~


See you all on Friday 🙂 and find out more about the Iron Writer Challenge ‘here.’




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