Monday Insights: Ban Procrastination

What we can do now, we mustn’t defer to another day.

procrastination6I’m usually a master at putting things off.  In fact, I can probably find any number of reasons why I’ll do this or that later. So you might be able to imagine the great irony I see in not being able to use my dominant hand properly as it heals from an injury. You see, there were some important things I’d intended to do but delayed and now, well, all I can do is wait to be better and try to use the downtime being otherwise productive. After all of this, I truly hope I’ve finally learnt my lesson.

Ban the cycle!
Ban the cycle!

We must ban procrastination. However, don’t mistake taking breaks for time wasting, as they are necessary too. Otherwise, we must be aware of our priorities and keep on charging purposefully towards the end-game.


How do you stop yourself from procrastinating? Share in the comments section below :). Wishing you all a fantastic week and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

One thought on “Monday Insights: Ban Procrastination

  1. I think the opposite, that way if I get anything done it’s an achievement and I get a gold star to stick on my wall. Soon my wall will be full, but for now I just smile at the heap of gold stars on the floor. They sit proudly beside a mound of post-it notes that I’ve long ago lost the ability to interpret.

    I think Moses screwed it up for everybody. If he wasn’t such a slave-driver he would have added an 11th commandment, “Just chill baby!”

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