Friday Highlights 50

It would be great to be ambidextrous right about now . . .



shoulder_injury2a1) A workout injury has left my dominant arm in a bit of a tizzy, so one-handing it for the most part as the first days of healing get underway. I’ve had to step back from writing for two days because of this, as writing for extended periods in this way becomes painful for my neck and shoulder.

2) To make use of the time I’ve been visualising how to best take the story forward so I don’t need to pause when I’m good again and, trying to sort one that has been on my mind on an off for months out in my head.

happy50thbirthday3) Reading, and about to catch up on books to be reviewed :).

4) Happy 50th Friday Highlights, thanks for sticking with me weekly!

Have to stop here lovely readers, the arm beckons ^-^.


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