Random Wednesdays: Cliché Mania

Hey all, I’ve been experiencing some pain in my dominant arm today, which is making things like typing a bit tiresome, so I’m going to be quick :).

Tall, dark and handsome? Maybe not.
Tall, dark and handsome? Maybe not.

I read somewhere a while ago (don’t remember where) that clichés were more or less the scum of the earth. The individual believed that one should steer clear of them whenever possible and instead try to think up one’s own comparisons, descriptions, metaphors, etc.

While I don’t think they’re so bad, I completely agree with most of this, especially that some clichés are incredibly overworked for example:

~ He was tall, dark and handsome, looking out at the inky black sea. ~

We’ve all read them somewhere as we’ve turned the pages of numerous books and have no doubt rolled our eyes at least once or twice when we’ve come across them. I, as the writer suggested, like to use descriptions that I’ve thought up all on my lonesome most of the time, but sometimes, there’s something nostalgic about turning to oldies but goodies. If I’m going to do that, I like to add a phrase like ‘as the cliché went’ to make the reader fully aware that I’m aware of the overused phrase or word. Otherwise, some clichés I don’t even refer to as clichés, because they simply work in the sentence ^_^.

light bulbsWhether you use them all the time or in between, as writers we need to have a base of originality. We can’t throw our hands up and decide that since it’s all been done before, we might as well just go along with the usual and forget about trying our own thing. Sure it might not always work, but who knows, maybe some day one of ours will be referred to as a cliché ^_^.




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3 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: Cliché Mania

  1. I wonder if your adviser recognized the irony of it . . . for me the term “scum of the earth” is a cliche, but then I still like playing in the mud sometimes.

    As for your problem with dominance, how uncanny . . . today you must come visit my blog . . . it’s far from cliche . . . and that’s not a request.

    1. You’ve caught me, so before I lay my arm to rest, I’ll come by and have a look :).

      Also they didn’t actually say ‘scum of the earth’ was having a bit of fun there with my interpretation. Wish I could find the article though.

      1. If it annoys you, why bother?

        Thanks again for your kind comment on my post and I hope that arm feels better soon…right now my back thinks its pain will get the best of me…I’m trying to ignore it until it goes away.

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