Monday Insights: Take The First Step

firststep1They’re things in our lives that we need to get done, but for some reason we keep putting them off. One of them for me was being true to my workout schedule. I’d start, then stop in a couple days, until eventually I looked up and realised I hadn’t done much exercise at all for months!

I decided that needed to stop and even though I knew it did, I was still hemming and hawing and not making any real moves forward. Until recently that is.

steps2Despite that voice in our heads highlighting all the reasons we don’t want to do that thing we’re putting off, we have to get up and move anyway. It’s that first step, that first leap into the air as we drown out the built in naysayer, that takes us forward. And, after the first step, we find ourselves more willing to continue the journey.

I’m heading off to get today’s workout in, what are you going to take that first step towards?




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