Random Wednesdays: Myths & Other Things

demon1I love to write about all things supernatural and paranormal and among my favourite subjects are demons, vampires and most fun for me, thinking up my own supernatural blends. One of the things I find very useful is learning about the backgrounds of many of the myths that have such an impact on some of the things I write. It’s like embracing an otherworldly history lesson that takes me back in time to places all over the world. I absolutely love it!

vamp1Another thing I like to do is use various languages in my adult stories especially. I love hearing these strange and in some cases ancient tongues in my head as I type the words. All these are things that I feel make certain characters even more believable and can cement the kind of role I want them to play. I’m also a big fan of constructing my own languages, though to date I’ve only done a few regularly used phrases and words in a couple of my stories that I really felt needed this kind of extra edge.

The point of all this? Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box (in any way) but this time in keeping with the theme as it relates to writing. The particular flair we use can go way beyond our writing style or character choices. We can create stories that are unique in multiple ways.

Thanks for reading lovelies :)!


SotT Front CoverN.B: My YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari (Book 1 in the Tenari Trilogy) can be found ‘on Amazon,’ and, read excerpts from the book ‘here’ & ‘here.’ If you want to peruse WIP excerpts/flash fiction, search using the keywords Random Wednesdays :).