Monday Insights: Planning Ahead

planning1Planning ahead doesn’t work for every situation and can take the fun out completely sometimes, but there is a place for it. I’m a big planner. I like making lists and figuring out what’s going to happen after point A is reached and, I see point Z coming up way ahead of time. However, they’re things I really should plan ahead on that I don’t and sometimes, unfortunately, it shows.

Last Friday for example, I didn’t get my blog post off because I hadn’t been feeling well and as the day went by and I moved about like a salted slug, it ended up being too late *hangs head in shame.* I’d decided a while ago to pre-write blog-posts, but didn’t follow through and as Friday showed me, if I’d planned ahead that wouldn’t have been the case.

. . . and be spontaneous sometimes ^_^.

So, planning ahead: We have to decide when it is absolutely necessary and will allow our lives to run more smoothly. The rest of the time, the outline of a plan is great, but we have to try not to be too rigid. Life isn’t meant to be suffered through and sometimes planning every aspect of our lives can cause it to be.


Have fantastic weeks lovely readers and for more titbits like this search using the keywords Monday Insights.