Random Wednesdays: In The Beginning

Hey lovely readers, hope your weeks are going awesomely so far! This time round I want to share a snippet of a random beginning. Sometimes (and I’m sure other writers can understand this) I’ll start writing something new, then decide to go in another direction or, to work on something else and not get back to it for a very long time. These few lines are among those beginnings that I know I want to continue at some point, have ideas for, but haven’t sat down to actually finish the full thought.



 girloutside  ~ I see them moving listlessly like an endless stream of zombie-like creatures, from my window perched high above the busy street. Every day, the same people, expressions, conversations. It’s always the same, making life so infinitely boring that at times I want to open my window, step out and jump. Change the monotony of their existence for just a moment. Hear the screams, the fear, the shock. Make them come alive.

     “Liz are you done yet? My mother calls to me, loudly, her thick Manchester accent grating on my nerves. I don’t answer her yet, but turn hearing her steps. She rounds the corner and I remember to smile as I nod at her, thin frame leaning against my bedroom door. She’s just like all the rest of them. The same face, the same hair, the same words, every single day, it’s all the same.~


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