Monday Insights: Don’t Jump The Gun

angry3Often we jump to conclusions about people or situations and end up having negative imprints on our minds. This usually leaves us with a bit of a grudge, that really isn’t the best kind of emotion when trying to upkeep a positive outlook.

We shouldn’t make our decisions without all the facts, without hearing all sides of a story or, without even having a shred of real information related to what’s going on.

calmdownIt’s easy to get mad right away, but way more beneficial to stay calm. Even if it turns out that the negative thoughts you had were real and you blow up for a bit, then bring it all back, decide how you’re going to move forward in a serene state of mind and continue on, trying your best to put it all behind you.

I may have jumped the gun recently, something that I often don’t do and, as the anger built in me, I felt as though I was off my centre, a feeling I truly dislike.

So, let’s try not to jump the gun lovely readers and have a fantastic week :).


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