Monday Insights: Why Risk?

Fear of the unknown, fear of what could happen and fear of not feeling as great as we hoped we would on the other side, are all reasons we don’t take risks. We give ourselves a host of reasons to back up our claims, when really it’s just a sickening fright that pummels away at us, stripping away confidence until we truly believe the fibs we’re feeding ourselves.

risk1Why take risks?

1) The unknown can be amazing. It can open up our worlds to new and exciting experiences. It can be something special.

2) What could end up happening is we might make the best decision of our lives. We might look back on that first risk in a couple years and give ourselves a round of applause for having the courage to do it.

risk23) The fact that we took a chance, that we stepped outside of our boxes to do something different, foreign to us, should be enough to make us feel pretty good about ourselves. So what if one risk didn’t quite work out? Doesn’t mean others won’t.

It’s a brand new week, full of many possibilities, which new chances will you take?


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