Random Wednesdays – Elfin Blood: Fallen (Wattpad)

book2Hey guys, I hope the midweek is treating you very well. As regular readers would know, I like to share WIP excerpts or flash fiction in my Wednesday posts and this time I’ve a treat in store. Who’s in for a little distraction? I’ve gone ahead and assumed that all of you have said ‘yes’ ^_^ lol. Well, I dusted off my Wattpad account recently and uploaded Chapter 1 of my YA dark fantasy Elfin Blood: Fallen. Every Monday a new chapter will be uploaded to that site. The chapter can be found here: ‘Elfin Blood:Fallen on Wattpad’ but for now, here’s what you’d probably find on the back cover ^_^.


(Cover created from Google Images.)
(Cover created from Google Images, for Wattpad.)


When we fall from grace . . .

Next in line to the throne of Luasia, princess Selene Daregon couldn’t have dreamt of all that was about to happen to her. Turned into a vampire, feared and banished from her city, she faces a new life in a body she no longer understands.

Falling for a light elf only serves to complicate matters, as Selene battles her way through her toughest challenges yet.

This is no ordinary vampire story; this is no ordinary love story . . .

This is Selene’s story.


Yes, I know, I’m excited too, I absolutely adore dark fantasy :D. Enjoy and find my Wattpad profile here: ‘JackieJonesFiction on Wattpad’.



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