Monday Insights: Don’t Worry

. . . we didn’t freak out over every little thing?

Why do we worry about every little thing? Things that go wrong, things that don’t go wrong, things found in the past, present and future? We find it so easy to grab hold and create reasons to worry ourselves silly whenever the mood strikes. But, what does worrying do anyway? Last I checked it generally doesn’t change the situation, if anything it makes it feel worse because we now have something extra to carry  in those big ole heads of ours. Okay, okay, I’m not insulting anyone’s head size, bear with me ^_^.

don'tworry2The new week has just started and as I like to say, it’s a time for brand new opportunities. Let one of them be trying not to worry so much. We’re human, so it happens and I don’t expect it to be eradicated in one day or even a hundred. Eventually though, we’ll get to the point where things don’t bother us as much and we’ll be telling others don’t worry, cause in the end really, what’s the point?


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