Friday Highlights 44 (Quickdates)

Hi guys, a little different this week and late this time but it’s still Friday so let’s go ^_^!



jackiejonesworld1) Monday Insights, Random Wednesdays and Friday Highlights will be moving to their new blog home found on my website ‘Jackie Jones World,’  in August 2013,

2) Vlog book reviews will be returning in August 2013, with The Day of First Sun, the first book in the Annie Loves Cham series by Sheryl Steines. Information on how you can win a copy of the book will be found in the video :).

dayoffirstsun13) While I’ve already earmarked a few titles for my book review video series, I’d be more than happy to receive more submissions. Currently I’m mainly reviewing self published authors, and would love to see more especially: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Chick Lit, Women’s Literature & Historical (across the sub-genres). If your genre is not on this list, feel free to send me a message anyway to make a final decision :).


See you next week when Friday Highlights returns to its usual self (highlighting great bloggers and updating literary progress)  and I tell you all about filming for my new review series, which will be delivered in a brand new format.

SotT Front CoverYou can also read about some of the crazy things that have happened in my life using the keywords Jackie Reveals. New reveals will be only found on my website and remember, you can still check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’. Be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others.



N.B: My YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari can be found ‘here’ on Amazon and, if you’d like to submit your book for review contact below, or in the comments section: