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Hey lovely readers, how are you doing so far as we take on the midweek rush?

emailToday I’m not going to share any excerpts, rather, an email from my dear friend Ramona over at ‘Caribbean Business Traveller,’ where she gives great little nuggets of business wisdom wrapped in inspirational goodness, as well as her first person account of the many hotels and countries she visits for her job. This email made me laugh and was special to me, as it also summed up what many have been saying about my brand new website which can be found ‘here.’ Check out the email below:


To Whom it May Concern,

Every time you visit my site, you save a fairy's life ^_^.
Every time you visit my site, you save a fairy’s life ^_^.

I am writing seeking damages of eye strain. I have viewed your pretty website and was mesmerised by the fairy dust surrounding the book and emanating from the blog portal. So enchanted was I, that I sat there for an indefinite period, marvelling at it. I also felt compelled to browse through every single tab of your lovely, informative website, upon which I learnt so much about writing services that I felt compelled to write a book so that I could hire you. (the book will be called “Mesmerising Fairy Dust and Other enchanting web-tales”, I expect to have a manuscript to you in 3 weeks, do you take credit cards?)

I charge that your pretty website was made specifically with the intention to trap users and get them to stay longer and

You will have a better time than this guy lol.
You will have a better time than this guy lol.

purchase as many of your important and well articulated services as possible, much the same way that casinos do. My lawyer Jane Bingham will be serving you a subpoena very soon. We are seeking damages in the amount of more pretty websites to look at.

In the meantime, carry on with your fiendishly enchanting graphics.

Still Enchanted



Hope you guys enjoyed that one as much as I did and will make a point to visit the site when you can :).

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  1. I’m glad I re-visited your site from home!! My work computer must’ve known to shelter me from the fairy dust during working hours LOL when viewed at work it must’ve been the JJW Lite version hehehe. Anyways, I have to agree – it’s mesmerizing!

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