Monday Insights: Human Moments

beokayWe shouldn’t beat ourselves up for bad moments. You know, those moments of weakness where we wallow in doubt, or wonder things like ‘why isn’t my life moving as fast as the other guy’s?’ with just the right amount of whining. We’re human and sometimes these things happen.

The trick is this: When they do we must drive ourselves as far away from these feelings and as quickly as possible, no matter how difficult it may seem. Take them in stride and move on.


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6 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Human Moments

    1. Sorry for just now replying to this, it’s been so busy the last days and I’ve been trying my best to keep up.

      I completely dislike those feelings that you describe and are going through now. I hope that the vacation with not only help, but pull you from this slump.

      And, whatever is not so great right now, will turn on its heels and get the hell out! ^_^

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