Random Wednesdays: Graphic Novel?

bloodangelOver the years I’ve worked on and off on what I hope will be a series of graphic novels. It seems I’ve finally found the artist who would fit perfectly into the scenery of my vision and I’m excited to move forward with this side project in the months to come. Here’s a short word from Nalkan, a character in this WIP, who should probably seek some kind of counselling:


~ “Greatness is measured by the blood spilt by the hands of those who seek it.” ~

SotT Front Cover

Appetite whetted? ^_^. Well, until it’s finished in Wheneverary much later on, here’s a link to check out my YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari on ‘Amazon.’

Additionally, find excerpts from Secrets of the Tenari ‘here’ & ‘here.’ If you want to peruse WIP excerpts/flash fiction, search using the keywords Random Wednesdays :).