Monday Insights: Everything Is Okay

Good news!

Why is it so easy to forget the good things that happen and worry about the possibilities of what could happen, usually on the negative scale. For example, I’ve seen so many blessings showered upon me and yet, especially now I’m self-employed, sometimes I still worry about things like ‘will there be enough to pay the bills’, ‘will I be able to shop for groceries this week’ – paradigms that I’ve been constantly trying to shift.

Often we can see the good in our lives and the upward path we’re on, yet we choose to disregard all this in favour of needless worry. Even if things don’t seem so great right now, usually if we keep pressing on, there’s a prettier side around the corner. So today here’s a little mantra I want to leave with you all, that I’m saying to myself as well: My life is good, I’m doing well, I will continue to do well, everything is okay.


Enjoy the week lovely readers and for more titbits like this, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).