Friday Highlights 38

Lovely readers, here’s hoping this finds you all in the best of spirits and health.

keepcalm1Regulars might have noticed that my blog posts which usually come very early in the day, have been a little later in the last couple weeks. This is in large part because I’ve not been feeling well and have been ordered to rest as much as possible, which I’ve been trying to do. Additionally, Fridays are usually the day where I share both a great blogger or blog I enjoy and highlights of the week, however, this time round I’ll quickly update you, as even now all I really feel to do is snuggle under the covers and feel better. Please bear with me and I assure you that things will be back to normal very soon :).


smartiepill1) Website proceedings have been delayed as the designer is very ill. That hasn’t stopped the progress behind the scenes though. I currently have a range of companies and other individuals on board who will be offering amazing services through my site. I’m very excited!

2) Orange smarties pills have been my best friends of late — they’re supposedly making me feel better . . . we’ll see.

3) So much to write and so little time, but something will happen in a few days that will free me up to focus on the important things even more. Can’t wait to share ^_^.

Too much? Yea, too much lol.
Too much? Yea, too much lol.

4) Book sales have been steady and I’m so thankful for that, especially as I haven’t been able to actively push the book as much as I’d like to while under the weather. Thanks to all who have purchased and I look forward to your reviews and comments. And, I haven’t forgotten those I intend to give free copies to, so look out for that. NB: Secrets of the Tenari, Book 1 in The Tenari Trilogy – a YA paranormal/fantasy, is now available on Amazon ‘here.’

Thanks for stopping by guys and feel free to share a blogger you think would be great for me to feature :).

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