Random Wednesdays: Elfin Blood Excerpt

Thanks for all the emailed well wishes, as I continue to combat this bout of asthenia :). I’m trying to lower my stress levels and rest as much as I can, but couldn’t for a moment leave out this Wednesday post. One of the things that will be featured on my website are chapters from a couple WIPs (works in progress). Here’s a very small snippet of a YA dark fantasy favourite of mine, ‘Elfin Blood’.


chained1   ~ “Demon! Thats what it is, a devil. Nothing more; nothing less. I was seventeen years old and it was the first time I had heard these words uttered from my fathers mouth. He said them with such conviction, that I felt sure that the woman they held tied to the post in the prison courtyard must be from some place not of our world. It made me curious. I wanted to know why everyone in the palace seemed repulsed and so afraid of this creature. I had not even been allowed to get a glimpse of her, my father forbidding it and leaving no room for argument. Though I knew it would anger him greatly, I had to see for myself; I wasn’t very good at following orders.  ~

You’ll be able to read more of this first chapter with the website’s reveal and, remember you can purchase my YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari ‘here’ on Amazon.


Find excerpts from Secrets of the Tenari ‘here’ & ‘here.’ If you want to peruse WIP excerpts/flash fiction, search using the keywords Random Wednesdays :).