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Hey all, how’s everyone doing today? Here’s hoping you’re having a fabulous week.


getwrite1This week’s featured blog is getWrite! Formed under a company of the same name, not only can you get great writers’ services like editing and proofing, but, you’ll also be privy to a host of interesting articles from the site’s administrative team, contributors and others who make the blog a great stop while you’re doing your blog rounds. Enjoy all they have to offer ‘here.’


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Not quite.

1) In the midst of all my website and blog updates last week, I forgot to tell you guys that I did get that role in the short film I’d mentioned. I play the part of a nurse who’s only bitchy to females. It’s a small role and my first onscreen and no, I’ve not decided that acting is my calling in life lol, but it was fun to try something new.

2) Being on doctor’s orders rest isn’t sitting well with me. There’s so much I have to do and I keep feeling like I’m very behind, but also understand that if I don’t rest up, I could very well end up put down a lot longer.

ebookformat3) An e-book formatter has been signed, sealed and delivered. I guess I should make that a less inanimate description considering that she’s a person ^_^. This talented individual who saved my book from itself and made sure the formatting was up to scratch after well, it wasn’t, will be offering her services on my soon to be revealed website and is also my first employee! Kind of cool :D. She’s already taking e-book orders, so if any of you reading this require these kinds of services, feel free to enter your information in the contact box I’ll post below.

4) The upcoming week is dedicated to revisions, so will let you guys know how that goes.



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