Monday Insights: Ban Fear

Sometimes we just have to dive in . . .
Sometimes we just have to dive in . . .

Do not let fear of the ‘maybes’ or the ‘what ifs’ or the assumptions you already have about something, stop you from pursuing a dream or new path. In a little over a month I’ll be doing something a bit crazy and I’m sure some would even call it reckless. Usually I’d tell you guys immediately, but the nature of it will require me to remain mum until I’ve done it. However, let’s just say that it will definitely be a life-changer.

At first I was very afraid of it. My stomach would churn and I’d worry about any and everything that could go wrong. Then I started thinking about my life and what I really wanted from it. That fear started to evaporate and turn into excitement. Sure, sometimes the fear doesn’t go away until we’ve done this new thing and realised ‘it’s not so bad’, but the point is, we literally cannot let it be the reason we never try.


I wish you all the best of weeks and for more little nuggets like these, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

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