Monday Insights: Learn From The Hard Lessons

lessonThis weekend was one of the most emotionally tumultuous for me in recent history. Why? Well, the release of my book Secrets of the Tenari (it’s out now by the way) was delayed, because at the last minute there was a technical glitch, which caused half the material (codes, words, etc), to be loss in the abyss. I like to call that the Technological Bermuda Triangle and I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about. However, before you feel bad for me, let me say this — it was entirely my fault.

In a recent Jackie Reveals, one of the facts I revealed about myself is that often I leave things to the last minute, thrive under pressure and manage to get things done. I did the same thing with the release of my book and it backfired this time. Had I gathered all materials necessary for the release earlier last week, even if the glitch had still occurred, there would have been enough time to ensure the release still went as planned. Instead, my usual M.O. caught up to me and I paid the price.

lesson2While those who were clamouring to buy the book still were a day later (I’m very thankful for you all), I was hardest on myself. I spent those two days feeling as if I had let my readers and myself down. I didn’t wallow in it mind you, but the thoughts were always there, resulting in stomach clenching discomfort until the book was finally submitted to Amazon. Readers, I share this story to say this: Learn from the hard lessons. They hurt at the time, but they make us better.

I’ve learnt.


Note: It’s very unlike me to miss a posting day, but I did on Saturday as I was working almost round the clock to ensure the book was released. Jackie Reveals will return this Saturday and for more insights, search using the keywords Monday Insights.

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