Jackie Reveals: Facts of Life

Okay so maybe they aren’t the facts of life and more like facts of my life.

facts1) One of my favourite places on Earth is Copenhagen, Denmark. I remember feeling like I was stepping out of upscale magazine pages each time I left the house. I would live there in a heartbeat – not for good – but for at least a few months each year. That would be bliss. What led me there originally? A girl meets boy tale if there ever was one — I followed my heart and though he doesn’t reside there anymore, the country still has citizenship ^_^.

2) Here in Barbados people say “Hi, how are you,” in passing. They don’t really want to know how you are, they’re simply greeting you and getting on with their business. A Trinidadian pointed this out to me at one time. He was like, “Why do you guys bother to ask? You ask and then you walk away.” I’m also guilty of this lol.

facts23) I love food, genuinely love it. I am the kind of person that will try all kinds of food in order to decide what I like or not. Considering my love for it, I’m surprisingly not bad when it comes to eating on the healthy scale. However, my vices have always been things like pasta, cheese, sauces, etc. Recently though, I’ve been doing much better staying away from them.

4) I leave things until the last minute. It’s a bad habit and one that is based on my ability to thrive incredibly well under pressure. It’s kind of ironic, because I plan down to the littlest detail and then, just when I’m at the brink of finishing something, I pause for a moment. This usually turns into longer than a moment and as deadlines approach, then I get back into gear. I don’t do this with writing though, when I’m writing I see it through. Editing however, especially the second and third attempts, is usually a different matter entirely.

facts35) Surrounded by a body of water, yet, I cannot swim. A childhood trauma regarding the sea, a ‘sadistic’ aunt and being dunked in over and over, left me more or less terrified to be submerged again. This though, is something else that I’ve been trying to overcome and I’m not even remotely as scared as I used to be.

6) I’m a fan of white boys with dark hair and lovely green eyes. It’s not that I’m not attracted to any other looks in a  guy, that’s just my preference. For years I didn’t bother with this, as in Barbados it was almost like some kind of weird taboo to date a white guy as a black girl – well I should say, of darker complexion – no doubt this has something to do with our plantocracy past. So often it was just this thought of “he won’t go for me anyway.” It’s kind of funny though, I’ve only dated one Bajan white, the others have been from overseas and I have to say the preference is with the latter.

facts47) When I was very young I cut a girl’s ponytail a little because everyone was talking about how long it was. To this day I have no real idea why I did it. I wasn’t a malicious child, my hair was longer than hers and she was friends with me, but with scissors in hand I just did it. Later on I realised that I acted on the thought before pulling it back into myself. Thank goodness that wasn’t a regular thing.

8) I am a ‘mummy’s girl’ through and through. I love my mother fiercely and she knows most everything about me. I’ve always figured I’d rather her hear it from me than from someone else.

facts59) If you came to my apartment you would be greeted with a kind of organised chaos. One minute my house is very clean and the next I have no idea how everything became the way it is. Currently there are weights on the floor, the dining table is covered with random things, my book shelf is a mess, but, it’s home and I know where almost, everything is.

10) When I first decided to write these facts I thought, ‘who the heck is going to care about your stuff?’. Then I sat and wrote them anyway ^_^. Launching myself into the unknown, taking risks, putting myself out there, are all reasons that I am who I am today. Why stop now?


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3 thoughts on “Jackie Reveals: Facts of Life

  1. About Jackie PaulsonYou love to help others solve promlebs You are Intuitive; YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS CANNOT SEE. You are great at picking up on peoples moods and predicting the future. You know what others are THINKING before they speak a word. Your Purpose in life is to SHOW LOVE TO OTHERS~Lead Others People turn to you for Direction and Hope and New Ideas YOUR PASSION is learning You bring inspiration into people’s lives. YOUR DESIRE: TO find yourself You are able to remove your EMOTIONS and see the Big Picture. You have a GIFT for reading people “human Lie Detector”

  2. LOL! Did the girl know what you were doing? Or were you sitting behind her and then just….SNIP! Did she notice?

    1. Yes and if memory serves I think I tried to blame it on someone else. That was definitely a completely out of character moment for me. *Walks away shamed* lol.

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