Monday Insights: Loved & Disregarded

hurt1We get upset or angry with people we love and, it’s often easier to treat them badly in those moments, than we would those on the outside. Can you imagine that? Those that love us and we love, get the dirty end of the stick, while others who care nothing for us receive our roses. We do it because deep down we know the former won’t leave us, they’re more or less stuck with us — at least, that’s what we believe. I’d rather counter that with something better.

A few years back when I realised I was at times putting more stock in the value of those who could care less about me, than those who truly deserved it, it made me pause. I felt ashamed and jaded that I believed I could just withhold my love whenever I felt like, because ‘mum will still be around’ or ‘he’ll still love me’.  I admit, sometimes I want to revert and be angry for as long as I can and say hurtful words just because I can, but most times I refrain. My heart would break without these people I love so dearly.

huggin2We mustn’t take advantage of their ‘weakness’ — their will to care about us deeply. Please don’t misunderstand me and think I feel that others on the outside should be treated crassly, just because they mightn’t crown us with love. I just believe that our loved ones shouldn’t be pelted at without regard, when most times we wouldn’t dare it with others.


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4 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Loved & Disregarded

  1. You are exactly right. It is so easy to be hard on those we love in fits of anger, believing they will love us anyway and forgive our fits, our bad behavior. Oft times we find out the hard way we can push to far. The idea we always treat strangers well is interesting, is it because we don’t want them to think poorly of us?

    1. I think that’s a major part of the reason for sure. This then brings up the obvious — we tend to care more about what those on the outside think about us than our loved ones, which is just so sad really. However, if there’s any ‘positive’ to be drawn from this, it is that we love them so much we feel we can be our complete selves – rotten apples and all ^_^.

      Hope you’re having a nice week Valentine :).

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