Jackie Reveals: Secrets

secrets1We all have them, things we want no one else to know, things we think about or remember with discontent and often embarrassment or sadness. Secrets are not far from any of us really.

I pride myself on being a rather open person, I speak my mind sometimes to the point where at times I’m labelled ‘too direct’. The thing is this, I feel as if my life was a drama novel plagued with so many webs of lies, deceit and betrayal, that I have to rise above and try to be as honest as possible in all things.

No, of course I’m far from perfect, in fact, there are times where I still keep my true feelings away from my closest friends, knowing that to speak would cause strife that isn’t necessary. And, sometimes I watch my secret unfold, become something else, until finally my friend moves past the negative feelings I might secrets2have had regarding said secret. You see, secrets aren’t just things like that sex tape you made back in high school or that you know who’s in the body bag that washed up on shore (if you do, please don’t kill me next), secrets are also all the little things we don’t say to each other, that we think all the time, that we wrestle with behind the closed doors of our minds.

What are my secrets? Well, I’m saving some of those for when Jackie Reveals moves to my new website. However, I will say this — at times my secrets, the ones only few or no one knows, have eaten away at me and terrified me at the prospect of others finding out. “What would they think if they knew?” I’ve often asked myself, but the truth is I already know the answer. I remember when I was younger and would tell of sexcapades to secrets3those I thought I could trust for the simple reason that they were doing the same things, instead I found myself labelled and ridiculed, something that made me ‘go underground’ for years. It was funny, I fell so far off the radar that people who saw me later in life confessed that they thought I had moved to another country.

I’m no longer ashamed of my secrets, but nowadays would rather tell them in forums where they can either help or be a comfort to others. Secrets wrapped up in a tale that I’ve been writing on and off but want to complete by year’s end, because I want to share them. I want to show others that no matter what you’ve done, or who others or even you think you were, you can rise above.

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What I learnt:

1) The littlest secrets can cause huge amounts of grief.

2) Why worry about others’ thoughts? They have their own secrets ^_^.


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2 thoughts on “Jackie Reveals: Secrets

  1. There are secrets that are yours to share, in which case the timing is also yours to choose. There are secrets that are others to share, in which case you can only ask they leave you out of the telling.

    I have always measured what I tell. If I know others can hurt me with it I don’t tell.

    1. I learnt that last bit the hard way, but that’s what life is about – learning and taking from what you’ve learnt.

      Thanks very much for your comments :).

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