Jackie Reveals: Gaming Addiction

gaming1I’ve always had a thing for video games. It started when my neighbour got his Super Nintendo and I’d play Super Mario for hours on end, in between trying to dodge chores – not an easy feat- eating and bathroom breaks. I loved the game, the challenge made me happy and mad at the same time, as we all know those turtles were the biggest cheats ever.

When I got my hands on a Game Boy, I used to itch to get games in, as growing up in the 90s meant outside playtime was expected. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved playing outside too and wish more kids got to experience it now with the true onslaught of technology. But, there was just something about gaming that always got under my skin, that I couldn’t seem to shake and I clung, playing until I read over a game, intent on one goal — winning.

gaming2I’d dabbled with the system upgrades over the years, but hadn’t played properly for a while, until I was in my late teens. You see, early on I recognised this kind of ‘addiction’ I had when it came to games. The need to win before I stopped playing surpassed the necessities. I didn’t care about food or doing what I was supposed to when I was gaming, in those moments I just cared about the game. So, I put them down for those years in between and with good reason. However, when an ex brought home Jax and Daxter to play on PS, I decided hey, why not, and settled in. Two games in that series later and I was finally emerging from the gaming fog, why? The third game developed a crack and was unplayable.

This was another wake up call for me and I swore off games again, liking the experience, but disliking the hold it put on my life during. I mean sure I was quick and could get through a game in a day, but for me, a person who likes to keep busy, that was a day lost, never to be returned.

Later on, I was introduced to WoW (World of Warcraft). Now this was for me, the perfect kind of game. It never ended and I didn’t need to be stuck in my seat playing all day either. I was wrong on that. First came the need to reach 80 on the characters I’d created – I came in on the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion – so my brain went into challenge mode. Plus, I was playing with a boyfriend who lived almost halfway around the world  – another story for another time – so I wanted to get quality time in with him whenever I could, and this allowed for that as well.

gaming3When my friends started to play things got a little hairier, as I used to boost them through levels, dungeon with them constantly and all the other things we do when friends play with us (somehow that sounds so wrong) anyway, for me it was work, game, work and so on. As I type this, I see the word count creeping up so I’m going to summarise.

Eventually I quit for a couple years and refused to play. I kept telling myself that I was addicted and I shouldn’t play and I couldn’t do better. That was utter crap. Of course I could and, I do. With my job, writing, and everything else I deal with, gaming isn’t on the list of my priorities anymore. It could be if I let it be, but I simply don’t. Bottom line, I love gaming, it relaxes me and is some of the best fun that can be found indoors (ehem), however, it isn’t what’s going to get me where I want to go in life. ‘Addiction’ cured.

gaming4What I learnt:

1) Whatever you verbalise continuously, will be.

2) Mists of Pandaria is an awesome expansion ^_^.

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5 thoughts on “Jackie Reveals: Gaming Addiction

  1. I, like you am a gamer. I try to keep my gaming to a minimum but still I love to game and find it relaxing. This is especially true during our winters.

    1. Oh wow, it’s always interesting to me the many people you wouldn’t quite expect game – including myself when decked out for work especially lol.

      What kinds do you enjoy?

      1. Depends on my mood really, I played the same you did. Now I play mostly one single on-line game called Chronicles of Blood, it relaxes me, has levels and a very wide audience so lots of interaction if you want it.

        I also play word games and card games when the mood strikes me.

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