Random Wednesdays: Nameless Excerpt

Today’s post is a much later than usual because I had to deal with some urgent business related to my upcoming YA paranormal/fantasy release, Secrets of the Tenari. This time round, I want to share a short excerpt from a manuscript catching a bit of dust in a corner, but one that I absolutely love. Enjoy :).


  feet1Slowly she wanders through the heavy sand, no recollection of a before, no idea of a final destination and no memories except of the last three days, where she has done nothing but walk in this desolate place of sand dunes and valleys.

     The sun bakes her light caramel skin, freckles spawning by the hundreds. In the first days, she found some amusement in counting the ones on her arms, but now, this occupation has grown tiresome and she has taken instead to watching her feet. The way they sink slightly in and how the sand tries to swallow them before they move forward again, as she moves onward, ever onward, purposefully, as if there is an invisible path she unconsciously follows.

     She fiddles with her hair, tries to run her slim fingers through it; impossible. The wind and sand and sun’s unrelenting attacks, have not only turned it golden, but have worked her tight curls into a series of knots. She sighs, zoe1giving up this seemingly hopeless task and instead touches the burns the sun causes on her practically naked body, clad only in a transparent dress, cutting off high at her thighs. The burns seem to disappear as soon as they appear, leaving no scars and inflicting no pain. The healing occupies her mind for a while as she walks on through the scorching sand, but is not nearly as interesting as her feet . . . 

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