Random Wednesdays: Days on the Hill (Excerpt)

A final edit and read-through, formatting decisions and gift basket giveaways are among the things I’m currently dealing with as it relates to my upcoming YA paranormal/fantasy release Secrets of the Tenari. While you wait, here’s an excerpt from a Caribbean fiction piece I started nearly a decade ago, after a crazy time in school.


teens1~We were the nine. Inseparable, indestructible, nine. We travelled like wolves, our pack secure. Seldom divided and when we were, longed for the comfort of the pack. We cared deeply for each other and were willing to lay down our honour for any other in the group.

Daily we made our way to the peak where we spent our free time. As we moved passed other cliques, they watched us closely as we talked and laughed among ourselves. They watched, wondering, intrigued by the possibilities of what we did there. Questioning our smug looks of knowledge when we returned. Yet, no one dared trespass on our hill. It was as if there was an invisible shield which others could not break through, that deterred them from entering.

breakup1Even if one decided to crash through the barrier in an attempt to settle in our haven, they soon left, the look in our eyes as we approached deadly. We were a kind of strange cult, proclaimed ourselves ‘The Family’ — the cult of the hill. We shared each other’s thoughts, beliefs and fears. We shared everything, indeed, the perfect family.

However, there was one thing we never bargained for. Never even thought about. Families can break up . ~


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