Random Wednesdays: Inanimately Correct

With the release of my YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari coming up in a little less than a month, I’m realising how much effort goes into producing these works as a self-published author. Kudos to all those who’ve gone before me, and those who will come after me. And, for your enjoyment, a little flash :).


tissuebox~The lone box of tissue had seen tears and anger. It had seen people of all shapes, colours and sizes pull from its depths, wanting to find comfort in what it could offer. The purple and white box did not discriminate. It enjoyed the attention bestowed upon it. It was wanted, needed, which was more than it could say for some who used it. The lone box of tissue would revel in its place of honour until the love it gave — its tissues clean and white, ran out.~


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