Jackie Reveals: My Worst Hangover

shotsLots of alcohol was consumed in my partying days. When I look back, I wonder how we – friends at the time and I – managed to keep it all down. I suppose we were young(er), rebelling and living life hard and fast, you know, the makings of a modern pop song.

I seldom indulge the party scene nowadays, for a few reasons:

a) I’m way too busy.

b) I’m more or less over it.

c) Even the idea of most of the events bores me.

rave1Don’t get me wrong though, I still like a good rave (love EDM – Electronic Dance Music) and when they’re larger events like The Music Factory — a big EDM event we have here on the island, sure I’ll go. I mean, an excuse to bop up and down for at least 8 hours with no one judging? Bliss.

As you can probably imagine, in my time I’ve had quite a few hangovers and I’m horrible at them. My mum always says she doesn’t think I was ever meant to be drinking and I’m inclined to believe her on some levels. My hangovers attack me like some kind of weird flu mixed in with nausea, irritable bowel syndrome and of course, the fact that I’m often drunk well into the next evening. So for me, a hangover usually lasts a day or if untreated, can go longer. Why did I drink so much anyway? Another story for another time.

Now, one would think that my worst hangover ever would have followed one of the rare nights where I actually threw up the liquid contents of my stomach with total abandon after a party, but, it wasn’t. The worst one was, wait for it . . . after sitting at my computer for a few hours drinking wine.

Delicious Barbadian rum.

I’d heard people say wine-related hangovers were the worst, and I didn’t believe them. I mean come on, I’ve had hangovers that were Barbadian rum-related (Barbadian rum is delicious by the way), Vodka (cheap and otherwise), Gin (see Vodka), cocktail-related and the list goes on. But this, this was something else.

I’d been sitting at my computer Skyping (I assume that’s a verb by now) with a friend a few years ago, and finishing off just under 3/4 of a bottle of white wine. We were talking and laughing when I started to notice I was slurring my words. So, to test myself I stood, stumbled, reached for something to steady myself and indulged the increasing laughter as my friend realised exactly how drunk I’d become all without realising it. Having been able to put away my share of ‘the drink’ back then, imagine my shock when a few glasses of wine floored me. I started getting a bit paranoid, as I’m prone to do at times in these situations especially when I’m alone. Soon I was telling my friend how I felt I was “going to die”, while trying to drag myself to my bed which was nearby. I stayed like this for a while before everything went black.

The next morning, I awoke to what felt like my body rebelling for every wrong thing I’d ever done to it in this life and the last four. It did its worst. I could barely move and for two days experienced the kind of discomfort that should have made me an advocate for change in schools or something. You know, talking about the dangers of alcoholism.



What I learnt

1) NEVER drink too much wine.

2) Repeat above.

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  1. Yes, I don’t know what it is about wine, and it’s far worse when you mix it with other alcohol… Having said that though, my worst hangover ever was in Korea, after a night of drinking beer mixed with the local drop – soju… I couldn’t touch food for at least a day…

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