Random Wednesdays: The Scientist

Stressing about promotional options and formatting before the release of my YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari is on pause for a bit, while I flex my flash fiction muscles :).

~The animal was already dying and as more and more fluid entered its lungs, the scientist knew it would soon be the end. He watched as the mass of fur, bones and blood gasped for breath, before coming madscientist1to an inevitable stop. This had been experiment number eight and though each of the tests had ended in gruesome death, he knew he was closer now than he ever had been when all he had were his theories.

He pulled off his latex gloves, barely making the metal basket as he threw them across the room. His assistant said something to him but he was too deep in thought, carefully contemplating his next move, to hear or care enough to listen.

The scientist was unlike many of his colleagues who saw things like a rotting animal as failure. He didn’t believe he ever failed, no matter how many were maimed or killed in the process. He’d just have to begin again.

He eyed his assistant now, her mouth moving quickly, though he wasn’t really hearing the words that were escaping it. He wondered briefly when human trials could begin.~


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4 thoughts on “Random Wednesdays: The Scientist

  1. Fitting one with all the virology breakthroughs with HIV/AIDS last week.

    You know, in a gruesome way, this is a parable to not give up despite perceived failures…. or maybe I’m just wildly optimistic 🙂

    1. I hadn’t even thought about the HIV/AIDS angle until you mentioned it; great connection.

      Additionally, if it’s helping someone out there to be more positive, does it matter the source? Lol. (I say that with a grain of salt.)

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