Friday Highlights 26

Hey readers! Today’s featured blog comes to you a little differently — with information directly from the site.

challenge-accepted‘The Iron Writer Challenge is a flash fiction writing contest (no prizes, bragging rights only) open to anyone. You do not have to be a ‘writer’ to participate.

This is how it works: Four writers each agree to compose a different five hundred word story involving the same four elements. All four elements must be included in the story. There is a three day time limit to complete the story. The stories can be in any genre except erotica.’ There are more rules and information which can be found ‘here.’ Head on over, this is too fun to miss :).


For those new to my blog, each Friday I highlight an incredible blogger and bring readers up to date on my literary progress. In addition, feel free to suggest bloggers you think should be recognised :).



1) I received my cover art for Secrets of the Tenari and it’s absolutely beautiful! *dances* – More details to come.

comingsoon12) My work load this week was pretty crazy, so I had to improvise and find new and ‘exciting’ ways to get writing in. Once again ‘by hand’ came into play, as did moments of some kind of weird back and forth thing where I would be typing up an article and have to pause to get a paragraph of story down. What can I say? When the mood hits, must give in :).

3) Received my latest line edit from the wonderful Rebecca Skinner, so have to see the extent of the damage and start the clean up lol.

4) Putting together giveaways for all you lovely people. What will they be? Tell you soon :).


Remember you can still check out Caribbean Dos and Don’ts ‘here’. Be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others.

6 thoughts on “Friday Highlights 26

  1. Have to go check out the challenge. I already do Flash for another challenge, the word limits are significantly lower. I am learning to love writing flash.

  2. Jackie, thanks for the post about The Iron Writer. For Jackie’s followers, she is competing on March 21st. Be sure to check the website on that day, read all the stories and vote for the one that uses the elements the best. Or, just vote for Jackie…

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