Random Wednesdays: Elfin Blood Excerpt

April is the month, but I’m still working out the exact release date for my YA paranormal/fantasy Secrets of the Tenari. While you wait, here’s an excerpt from my current WIP, Elfin Blood :).


animegirlhurt~ Selene awoke to terrible pains. She’d experienced intense pain before, having suffered at the hands of her sword masters, but this was something very different. They rushed through her body like a fire unquenched and she was sure she could feel her blood boil. She clutched the blue silk sheets, agony taking over, as her veins felt as if they were trying to separate themselves from her body. Even her pores seemed to get in on the action, appearing to grow before her eyes, trying to burst open.

She was unable to stay still, yet every movement was like a tortured dream. She tried to call out, to beg for help, but no words exited her open mouth. Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to pray, but the gods were not listening, not to the muddled mess that clouded the words in her deranged mind. Then, as suddenly as her merciless hell began, it stopped.

girlwaking2Selene opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as she looked around. She was in her room yes, but something was very different. It seemed as if the colours she’d chosen for her decor were brighter somehow. The orange and red were no longer flat and simple, but more like a fall forest coming alive. The white and blue marble of her bedside table — small pebbles in a running brook.

She sat up, completely mesmerised by all she was seeing. By the carved animals on the room’s wooden furniture playing and hunting along the rich, dark brown surfaces. Selene had no clue what was happening and wondered briefly if she’d been given a drink of the hunu, which caused one to become delusional. Yet, despite this worrying thought, she was beginning to enjoy the wonder of it all and smiled, eyes darting every which way, to ensure she missed nothing.~


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