Friday Highlights 25

The election crazy is over here in Barbados *breathes sigh of relief*. Anything new happening where you guys are?

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The characters I’m working with now, are prettier than Gollum ^_^.

1) Still waiting on the latest edit notes for Secrets of the Tenari, so working on some more fantasy in between.

2) Did a fun voice acting job recently, which was made even better because the cast was really great :).

3) I’ve seen another update of the artwork for SotT. The artist didn’t finish it in the time he thought he would, but I’m not remotely worried, as it literally makes me swoon each time I see it. Can’t wait to show you guys.

Prime Minister of Barbados, The Honourable Freundel Stuart
Prime Minister of Barbados, The Honourable Freundel Stuart

4) My work week was hectic, as it was the last one for the election day countdown. We’ve retained the same government — the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), but it was a close call this time. My personal Facebook page was an interesting place to be the last few days, as persons gave their opinions on any and everything to do with the candidates running for office and the parties involved.


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    1. Hrm, if he’s a fan of rum we have some of the best in the world here ^_^. Additionally, if sun, white sandy beaches and sea don’t sell him, how about a few weeks of a slower pace (when you’re vacationing), lovely people and beautiful scenery :)?

        1. Ah ok, well with the beauty that is the internet, even if you don’t get to go someday, you might be able to bring some of Barbados to you at least :).

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